Lee Owens will attempt to make aviation history by becoming the oldest African-American to fly around the world, the first to fly around the world solo in a single engine experimental aircraft, replica P-51 mustang and to set a worlds record by traveling over 25,000 miles around the world.

For years Lee Owens has had the dream to fly around the world in a single-engine experimental P-51D airplane to honor those black aviators that came before him. When he is successful, he will become the first African-American to ever make the journey in a single-engine aircraft. Lee Owens is a visionary for young African-Americans. He inspires them to make their dreams a reality.

After he has made the flight, Lee Owens plans to use his experiences to speak to youths across the country about the opportunities in aviation.

In order to complete this journey, Lee Owens needs your financial backing. Time is of the essence. We are looking for 5,000 people to donate at least $50.00 each to make this mission a go.

The Lee Owens Foundation has been set up to accept funds for this world flight and to provide funding for scholarships  to bring aviation education to deserving youths.

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Copperstate Fly In 2014 at Casa Grande



Lee is second group on the right wing of the lead pilot. The lead pilot is Scott Andrews of falcon warbirds.


Opening of the Tuskegee Airmen Museum with the Gateway Flyers of St Louis, MO.




Lee Owens on good Evening AZ: http://youtu.be/hG0_VlPU1Y4

Lee Owens on abc15: http://youtu.be/Q83qC8_U8UA

Lee Owens on cbs5: http://youtu.be/sGHN_O_2BPk

Lee check out in a Piper L-4...

Pictures by Joe Kates, www.photorecon.net


The Lee Owens Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.